Waste Water Treatment

In Desiccated Coconut Industry

Desiccated Coconut processing is one of the most water polluting industries in Sri Lanka and there was no reliable treatment system until ISL introduced low cost biological treatment system. Our system has already been introduced to over 30 factories, and all of them are operating smoothly with a very low cost of operation.

In Mills Industry

It has been a common practice discharge un-treated water in to the environment in Rice Milling industry. But with ever increasing environmental issues, it became a real problem to rice millers as well as to neighboring communities. Having realized the issues, ISL carried out several research work in this field and with the success it has achieved, so far we have introduced more than 10 treatment plants to the industry. Due to low cost of construction and operating this system is very popular in the the rice milling industry and Central Environment Authority has given its approval for all treatment plants installed by us.