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No Water, No Life, No Blue, No Green
We specialize in waste water treatment
Nobody Taxes The Sun Yet!
We specialize in solar powered energy solutions
Pure Water for Everyone
We specialize in industrial water purification implementation


PRESSURE TANK – Residential and commercial
Applications: Water filtration and softening application in residential units, Water filtration and softening application in commercial units
  •   High quality composite materials
  •   Epoxy resin system and FRP filament winding outer shell
  •   Strength against abrasion, temperature and pressure.

Special Products

Industrial Boilers
We have introduced Jonhson Boiler from Japan for small applications ranging from 100 kg/hr to 1000 kg/hr operate with diesel , mostly use in garment industry.
  •   capacity ranging from 1000 kg/hr to 220,000 kg/hr
  •   Bio mass and Furnace oil
  •   Cutting edge technology
Air quality measurement, Stack emission, Noise level , vibration measurement
Annual renewal of environmental protection license (EPL) is a mandatory requirement, inspected by Central Environmental Authority. Hence, most of the industries need to carry out above measurements to check whether the parameters are with the limits.
  •   Outdoor Air quality measurement
  •   Indoor air quality measurement
  •   Noise level Monitoring etc.
Industrial process cooling /chiller units /cooling towers
We undertake supply and installation of process cooling systems including chiller units, cooling towers, and circulation pumps ect,
  •   High Quality Standard
  •   Efficient
  •   Cost Effective
Industrial Incinerators
According to the environmental regulations, some of the industrial waste and medical waste cannot dispose in traditional method as there are harmful substances.
  •   High temperature Incinerators
  •   High efficient incinerators
  •   Better Environmental Protection


Stainless Steel Submersible Sewage Pumps
Waste water drainage from all industries, sewage drainage from hotels, restaurants, schools. Fishery, etc
  •   Non clogging impeller
  •   Dry motor with overload protector
  •   SUS316 main sub
Submersible Cutter Sewage Pumps
Sewage drainage from hospitals, schools, husbandry, buildings etc.
  •   Tungsten cutter
  •   Epoxy resin cable base
  •   2p dry motor
Heavy Duty Submersible Ejector Pumps
Applications include Oxygen aeration of wastewater for waste water treatment, etc.
  •   SIC dual mechanical seals
  •   High Oxygen transfer rate
  •   Mixing and stirring applications for uniform MLSS due to fine bubbles convention
Light Horizontal Multistage Centrifugal Pump
Horizontal multistage non-self-priming centrifugal pump, attached with long shaft electric motor
  •   TEFC motor 2-pole
  •   Protection class: IP55
  •   Insulation class: F
Light Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pump
CDL / CDLF is a kind of vertical non-self priming multistage centrifugal pump, which is driven by a standard electric motor.
  •   Full enclosed air blast two pole standard motor
  •   Motor protection class: IP55
  •   Insulation class: F
Portable Submersible Dredging Pumps
Drainage slurry from construction site, factory etc.
  •   Seal made of SIC ensure best seal effect
  •   Powerful stirring
  •   Portable construction
Submersible Mixer Pumps
Wastewater treatment of all industries, River, ponds, lakes dredging
  •   Motor Enclosed Class: IP68
  •   Motor Overload Protector
  •   Insulation: F, Pole: 4P
Submersible Ejector Pumps - EFJ series
Oxygen aeration of wastewater for wastewater treatment. Oxygenated for aquaculture such as fish, shrimp farming, etc
  •   SIC dual mechanical seals
  •   High oxygen transfer rate
  •   Mixing and stirring applications for uniform MLSS due to fine bubbles convention
Submersible Sewage Pumps - EF Series
Applications include waste water drainage from all industries. Sewage drainage from hotels, restaurants, etc.
  •   Non clogging impeller
  •   Dry motor with overload protector
  •   Superior double mechanical seal
Submersible Dredging Sewage Pumps
Applications include drainage slurry from construction site, factories, etc. Civil or tunnel engineering
  •   Superior abrasion resistant double mechanical seal made of silicon carbide
  •   Equipped with stainless steal agilator
  •   Powerful stirring and pumping for slurry
Light-duty Multi-stage Centrifugal Pumps
Applications include: Water treatment processes, industrial cleaners and dishwashers, etc.
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Vertical Multi-stage centrifugal pumps
ECDL vertical stainless steel multistage centrifugal pumps applied high quality stainless steel material, and the mechanical seal is made of hard alloy.
  •   Totally enclosed fan cooled 2 pole, IEC standard motor
  •   Motor rage: 2P:50Hz
  •   Protection IP54, IP55
Heavy duty Submersible Sewage Pumps - EAF series
Applications include sewage drainage from buildings, waste water drainage, fishery, stock farm etc.
  •   Non clogging impeller
  •   Dry motor with overload protector
  •   Guid rail device available for safety purpose
Submersible Sump Pumps
Applications include waste water treatment, sump drainage from basement of buildings, hotels, schools, etc.
  •   Dry motor with overload protector
  •   Superior abrasion resistant double mechanical seal
  •   SUS304 strainer to prevent impeller from being blocked by sewage or solids

Air Blower and Defusers

Greatech Roots Blower & Vacuum Pump
Tri-Lobe Rootrs Blower, Energy Conservation, Low Noise, Stable air flow, Low vibration, etc..
  •   Great design
  •   High Efficiency
  •   Energy conservation
Greatech Fine Bubble Diffuser
Application: Biological aeration, Wastewater treatment, fishery spots, Activated sludge systems
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Greatech Coarse Bubble Diffuser
Greatech Coarse Bubble Diffuser
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